Gather your thoughts and clear your mind and get ready to take up this great challenge. This new concept game will challenge your abilities for your mind and fingers to be working in sync with one another. Fun, exiting, challenging and very addictive game is just some of the words that you can associate with this new game. LEVEL CHALLENGE – GAME PLAY. Two game concepts all in the 1 game that’s going to give you hours and days of punishing yourself all in the right ways you will be on the edge of your seat (But don’t let it beat you) .
If you are looking for your next challenge and are determined to win follow your achievements at the game center with all the other touch too much trainees and Become the Touch too much Grand master. Train and commit yourself and remember to have a fiery good time, you to can Experience this great new game for yourself down load free Today.
This is the perfect game for exercising the mind making for better hand and eye coordination.

Game Play :
– Press on the object’s that come down from the top of the screen
– Game end’s when one of any of the object’s hit the fire at the bottom of the screen
– Choose your level EASY – NORMAL – HARD
– Level play – 5 level’s 50 game’s. 10 game’s in each level
– Game play is a continuous game that end’s when a object touches the fire
– Continue pressing on the object’s String, rope, wire, cable and chain

Tapping on the Object’s in game :
1 time tap out on the string
2 time’s tap out on the rope
3 time’s tap out on the wire
4 time’s tap out on the cable
5 time’s tap out on the chain

IAP for the deleting of the ads and to access full level play (All 5 Levels)
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Game suitable for Kids and Adult’s


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