Another perfect day in Paradise, Join in on the high flying, heart pumping action adventure game. Take control of jetman through a dangerous flock of Bird’s. Keep your cool and keep calm to direct this daredevil though a avalanche of fearless birds. Simply press on the screen to make jetman fly the longer you press on the screen the higher jetman will fly to the top of the screen release your finger off the screen to make jetman fall to the bottom of the screen.
JetMan Features:
✔ Amazing Graphic’s fully screen and totally eye appealing
✔ In game Leaderboards* – Compete for the top score in Jetman’s Journey between friends or across the globe
✔ Simple controls & addictive game-play
✔ Hit the Bird’s to gather more Points (once Powered up)
✔ Collect the balloon’s to make jetman hit turbo
✔ Free to play game, fun for kids and adults!
*Connect your Google+ account to jetman and compete for the top spot in the leaderboards.

– The game start’s when you press on the screen
– Yellow Balloon’s power up jetman for 3 Second’s
– Red Balloon’s power up jetman for 5 second’s
– Blue Balloon’s power up jetman for 7 second’s
– once your powered up hitting bird’s will gather you 50 extra point’s for each bird
– The Game end’s when jetman fall’s out off the bottom of the screen and by hitting bird’s (when not powered up)
– Once you come out of powered up mode your speed will drop to original start pace

Take Jetman Journey for a joyride today! We love to gather feed back Leave us feedback and help us shape the game! This fun filled fuel injected game will keep you on the edge of your seat. Keep him flying for the longest and you win get nervous and twitchy and you wont be flying for long. Also With the option to Delete the ads off game.

Fun for the whole family. Tell your friends JETMAN a must for all App game lovers !

– Playable for All Kid’s and Adult’s –


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