Honey Bee –
Can you save the Honey from the flying crazy Honey Bees? are you up for the challenge ? If yes then this FREE game is perfect and will be indeed a enjoyable treat for you and the whole family !
The sweet toothed cunning honey bees are flapping their wings and flying all around the screen. There’s a smell of sweet sweet honey in the air.
Game Play:
Swipe your finger across the Bee to catch them in the net, catching more bee’s are going to gather you up more point’s but be careful the honey jar has enough honey stored for 5 hungry bee’s.

1. User friendly, controls are very simple, you only have to swipe your finger over the bee’s.
2. Amazing Graphic’s High color scheme for great phone and tablet screen view
3. Simple and easy to play but involves a good mind and hand control.
4. Eye candy gaming very pleasing !
5. Great work out and exercise for your mind
6. Exiting , enjoyable and up lifting game play sound and music

Bees are gathering in numbers for a all out attack on your honey supply. Fight them off and Protect your honey jar before the bees come in to take the honey away. Bee quick and Bee fast. This fun and heart pumping game is very enjoyable and addictive for all ages and those people who are looking to get hooked on a new and addictive game. Add posts to your facebook and twitter and Challenge your friends in the game centre.
With the option in IAP to delete the Ads this game is a must for all arcade gamer’s

Bee Surprised!
Bee Amazed!
Bee Excited!

HONEY BEE. – Playable for All Kid’s and Adult’s –


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