Cryptogram’s are famous world wide but our game will excite and please every critic, based off of the popular cryptogram quote game’s that have been around for years. The code for each set level is different every time you play it or advance to the next level.

There are hundreds of quoted puzzles that are challenging, fun, and can be solved in minutes! (if your up for the challenge?)
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Quotes Decode – Our Word Game is a cryptogame quote letter puzzle game where every letter in the cryptogame get’s you closer to solving the Quote. Playing this word game will boost your brain’s logical power. It’s so much fun and addictive puzzle game you’ll love it and your friend’s and family will love it as well.
How to play-
– Touch on the blank letter space in the quote and then select on the letter that you think is required to be right in that position.
– Letters can also be taken out and replaced by any other different letter at the bottom of the game play screen.

Features of game –
– A large quotes database: Over 5000 quotes a new unique quote every time.
– easy play Flat look – Clear and beautiful design
– 30 level with 20 game’s in each – Challenge yourself to solve the quotes.
– easy and relaxing back ground game sound
– Share with friends on facebook or twitter
– Different types of quotes- Love Quotes, inspirational quotes, wisdom ,motivational quotes, leadership
– Earn coin’s based on correctly answering the right quote.
– Relaxing background music
– Very easy Tutorial for understanding the game.
– Gain more coin’s in IAP

Keep your mind sharp with this game that will exercise your brain muscles — a great introduction to your gaming experience ! Enjoy a range of quote’s perfect for Kid’s and Adult’s of all Age’s
If you get stuck you can pass but that’ll cost you 5 coin’s STOP sit back think, work your logic to solve the quote’s, There are helps with in the game that is in the form of Bomb’s that will erase some of the letter’s and hint’s that will fill the blank space’s with the right letter’s.

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