Select your Preferred pixie Boy or Girl and away you go jumping from leaf to leaf Preventing the pixie From falling off the screen to the ground. Hour’s of Entertainment for Kids and Adult’s. A Game That is Simple to Play and very Easy game play to Navigate. Your poor Wing’s are broken and you are trying to reach the top of the Forrest. With Every Leaf that disappears from the bottom of the screen you receive point’s the longer you are climbing the more leaf’s that are going to disappear and the more point’s you will Receive. Play for 2 minutes or Play for 5 hour’s your Score will be saved and then you can continue to try and beat your last highest score.
1. Swiping under the leaf will create a gust of wind that will move the leaf left or right and swipe over character (Pixie) to make Him/She jump.
2. Jumping on a leaf that has the Blue crystal Ball on it will make you hoover off the leaf, To make the Pixie move just put your finger on the pixie and slide your finger Left – right – up – down to relocate the pixie on another leaf.
(Tip – move the pixie to a higher leaf which will give you time to navigate your next jump)

The Pixie’s needs your help, Download for free with your choice of deleting the ads For .99 cents This game is a must for all children and Gamer’s at heart. Play With your Friends.

– Playable for All Kid’s and Adult’s –


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