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Breaking news – People are having so much fun now a days with online gaming the graphics and campaigns with in games are just mind blowing, Back in the old days when the game play of games were what we would think of now as Blaaaah.  You know what i mean !  Another big reason that people are turning to video games is to get refreshed from the monotonous & hectic life that we find each other in with every day life. With Games coming out on Playstation and xbox as well as the vast games coming out online line there is a game that fits everyone’s needs and desire but many people just want to sit back and relax with out jumping on a trampoline or going down to a gambling center to play the slot machines you see this does not provide a sufficient amusement and i think all gamer’s can relate to this notion.

Breaking news – A report unveiled that there is a increase of Female gamer’s around the age of 40 years that are finding their passion for online gaming they are registering around 9 hours a day as for their male counter parts are averaging 6 hours this would think to be a mistake but you would find that our female friends of the house that are going to the shops, walking past gaming stores every day and with the great games that are coming out why wouldn’t they stop in and look at and buy amazing games that are gracing our gaming stores like these. – Call of Duty,black ops 3Metal gear solid 5rise of the tomb raider.  Gaming is not just a thing that nerds do in the darkness of their private bedrooms locked away from reality (no way) urban myths are some what ………….. out dated it is now cool and can be expected to a certain extent that gaming is embraced by the whole family and the reasons are that parents now where young once and was playing the very first games that come out all those years ago like (Asteroids – Pacman – Donkey Kong) They were introduced with games that had average graphics and average game play in a dark bedroom locked away from reality and the outside world. Back then it wasn’t a urban myth.

Check out game play. press on image:

Rise_of_the_Tomb_Raider for silver swan games website and blogmortal kombat logo picture for silver swan games blogmadmax for silver swan games website blog





  Breaking News –     This is great, exiting and excellent news for gamer’s around the world as more and more people are moving towards online and console gaming and with the mass movement of more people playing we can all rest assured that future games are going to get better with graphics and with the innovation of game play experience. Me for one will be on the edge of my seat playing and experiencing the future of great and enjoyable games. All in all games are great for the imagination and a relaxing experience and is certainly becoming the most popular way to pass the time.

With the new super Mario Maker coming out where you can design your own level’s does this mean that the Gaming enthusiast in the future will be able to construct their own preferred game play with in their favorite games ? i guess we are going to have to wait and see.

          Games we Love them BREAKING NEWS .. NAH Gamers have known this for years.

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Won my Grand final Already

One of the most memorable moments of my youth was being able to experience the era of Arcade Gaming during my school years, talking  about games while the teacher was starting our English class. Back at home a group of us were huddled around the television with our game controllers. The games were very simple but in my mind they were massive, injecting me with excitement and enthusiasm. I don’t remember what I said, but my friend looked right at me right in the eye and said, “Wow, how awesome is this!” Boy how things have changed in the gaming world. But who doesn’t remember these little cracking games below that are now seen as obsolete in comparison to today’s gaming standards.

space invaders screen shot for silver swan games website blog page

donkey kong logo picture for silver swan games website and blog writing page PacMan-Game-Aunt-Heather-Piper-for silver swan games website promotion


 It was like a thunderclap in my heart. A strong, intelligent, mature, socially engaged game i had just said out loud in front of everyone, “I love gaming what are they going to think of next?.” I still remember the sound’s and how the pixel’s looked back then.  That was years ago! There are a thousand things I  remember about those days in the comfort of Home. But  late gaming afternoon’s  remains unforgettable. And all i thought was, “Gaming is here to stay.”

What is next ? we will again be surprised with the turning and continued evolution of computer/console gaming and i have to say i can not wait. The chief legacy in my life was one statement on an afternoon that i remembered  a long time ago . “I love gaming.” who can argue when we have game’s like this.

GTA logo picture for action web site silver swan

mortal kombat picture of action for silver swan games entertaining racing car games for silver swan website

Those days were Awesome and i can’t wait for the future of gaming to excite and intrigue me. Gaming legacy in my life i shall never forget .

In my Gaming life time i Have won my Grand final already and i’am kicking goals every time i Play in the grand final while i hold a controller and press the play button.

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Kids Health & Well being – App Games and learning

There are many opinions about apps and their affects on the health of children but this article is very interesting.

       “If you’re looking for apps to improve ADHD in your child, there are many that can help kids with planning, organisation, and mindfulness. But there is an important caveat when explaining their effectiveness: these apps are only as useful if the user fully engages with them, and learns how to  effectively put them to use. In the same way that many ADHD kids are given planners and schedules in the classroom and may choose not to use them, an app that might help them with scheduling, remembering homework and school projects, and keeping themselves organised can only help if users engage with it.”

The key aspects here is the Engaging of the Educational Apps you need to be able to keep your child enthusiastic and drawn to the app.

“However, there are hundreds of available apps, some of them more appropriately described as games, that hold some promise for improving sustained attention, memory, and time management. While there is virtually no research specific to these games and apps that proves that they reduce or help with symptoms of ADHD in the children and teenagers who use them, there is a clear rationale for using them, as they encourage building the thinking skills that are often challenged in children with ADHD.

Our planning for games here at Silver Swan Games is based around keeping the customer happy, entertained and engaged. With a wide range of different types and styles available there is a game to be found for the whole family with classic style action, card or puzzle arcade games.

Our recommended game for helping with adult and kids health memory is Silver Swans Memory Game.

Find more great games at

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Brain stimulation Games For Your Mind To make You Smarter

Challenge yourself  Regularly with Brain stimulation and mental exercises with new activities, keep your mind moving. Running on all eight cylinders will keep you alive and moving in to tomorrow with enthusiasm.

“Adults who frequently engage in mentally stimulating activities are 63% less likely to develop dementia than those who rarely do such activities, a New England Journal of Medicine study discovered. A University of Michigan study found that adults who play a mentally challenging game every day for several weeks can dramatically improve their memory.”
Playing good stimulating games and activities designed to do just that. It’s great for kids learning and it’s just as important for adult’s.
So what are you doing  8-)  ??? try a couple of the games we have made for you to try. Eating great brain stimulating Foods like these 10 brain boosting foods and exercising can boost your brain power by up to 78%!

                          Good Food – Good Life – Good Games – Good Times

Mind / Brain stimulation activities


1. Do You Get the picture

visual attention is needed with this test. please focus and  Study this picture for 1 minute. turn away and write down as many of the items in the photo that you have remember. Try a second time, but This time relax, take a big deep breath and actively focus on the picture. How Did you go this time ?? do any better ?? 

search and find items from within this picture for silver swan blog page

2. Name your colors

Focus on the challenge: Very Quickly read out loud the color that each word is printed in but not the word itself. Try and do this repeatedly to see if you can improve.

say the word and not the color game give it a try i bet you can not do it

3. In just 7 words

Are you creative ? verbal challenge. Write a short story about a couple of sentences —and then with only nine words to tell your story again . (Bonus: If your a Twitter Fan this should be easy for you and it’ll help your  Facebook storytelling skills as well ).

4. What’s Missing in The other Picture

have a look at both pictures and find the missing items

5. Count backward

Here’s a Exhausting brain workout that will help keep your mind on track. Subtraction exercises Made simple ? We will see:

  • Beginning at 200- count backward- subtracting 2 as you go (200, 198, 196…).
  • Beginning at 150- count backward- subtracting 5 as you go (150, 145, 140…).
  • Beginning at 100- count backward- subtracting 7 as you go (93, 86, 79…).



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