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Fun people who don’t take life too seriously come to mind when we talk about our fans and the cartoons and comics we create. A good cartoonist is one who can extract the main details of an object, emotion or character, simplifying its shape so that anyone can recognise it and relate to what they are looking at. Gorillie comics are fun and entertaining. What we create is a colourful and imaginary world where our character can be relatable in every sense of the word, with a sensible but crazy attitude. Witty but quirky mannerisms, this is how we like our character to come across to you, our Gorillie fan.

Our goal is to help you understand the character that we have fallen in love with. I guarantee you will be falling down with laughter and crying out with sheer pleasure once you embrace this new fun, loving and unpredictable character. Our friend, your friend, GORILLIE.


Before and After 

As you can see from our drawing below, an idea has to start somewhere. With a draft concept drawn up for review, we encourage healthy communication between our members to talk about how we can get the best out of our cartoons.

gorillie-comics-draft-pictures-3                rsz_gorillie_comics_dancing_around_the_house_smashes_television

We strive to bring our followers the best in cartoon design and entertainment, spending a lot of time talking to and communicating with everyone to get the best out of new cartoon characters. Funny, entertaining, humorous and unpredictable are just some of the words to describe Gorillie.  

This next example is a full cartoon. As you can see it is currently only a concept, in draft copy. We only need to make some small adjustments to it before we can complete the cartoon (our cartoonist is very experienced and capable, creating only the best first-class classic cartoons).  :-)




We create new cartoons every week, with many more exciting cartoons being uploaded to our website each week you and your friends will be regularly entertained with brand new Gorillie comics. The one you see below is a double draft cartoon sketch.



gorillie comics taken away by aliens


At Silver Swan we love receiving your great positive feedback about our (and soon to be your) favourite new cartoon character.  We are a very small company that wants to bring happiness and joy to many people around the world and it’s only with your help that we can do this. Please share your enjoyment and entertainment of the many Gorillie cartoons or Gorillie videos with your family and friends and tell them all about Silver Swan Productions. Please also support us by liking and sharing our many YouTube videos and cartoon comics.

Together we can bring a little bit of happiness and joy to someone that might just need a bit of a laugh today. 

Here at Silver Swan Productions we wish everyone good health and happiness. Keep On Smiling.   smiley-face-thumbs-up-animated-smiley-face-thumbs-up-ncave9-clipart



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