Merry Christmas joy and what it should mean for everyone

Christmas joy happy holidays from silver swan games. Christmas cheer around the worldMy Merry Christmas comes from a time where I can look back to the year that’s gone and reflect on the time I’ve had. Good times are greeted with a smile and the bad times are greeted with a let’s work on a few things next year. Let’s face it, there are moments where we should have been quiet and there are moments where he shouldn’t have brought that item because it’s going to leave our family broke for a few months. But we talked ourselves into it because an ancient roman inspired bird bath positioned next to the lemon tree was a good idea at the time and all your visitors agree that it matches the white brick work making a border around the garden. Did that happen to anyone else or just me?  Moving on I guess what I’m saying is if you’re going to spend money on useless and non constructive things to impress people well, there is no better time then at Christmas. Throw up some confetti or a bunch of mirror balls, deck out the house with fun Christmas decorations, and get the biggest tree on your street because now is not the time to skimp out. You’re going to be judged! Put on a Christmas record with some White Christmas tunes to give your house a oldy but beautiful feel while you sit in the corner of the lounge and watch the happy little faces come through the door. Now that’s money well spent. Our aim is to find stylish, whimsical and fabulously fun Christmas decorations and trees to suit any home.

We started humbly with short term ambitions in 2011 and took a permanent lease on a url website link location – This year we are so excited to move into our new time slot of the internet 24/7. We are active on our website and social media sites as much as we can to interact with our followers and supporters regularly. This website will be our home and you can tell all your friends where to go to be able to contact and communicate with your friendly team at  Silver Swan today and beyond.

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Back to Christmas, yes it’s fun, but we know some people find it overwhelming. Too much to do and too much organize so here’e a free tip, have Christmas at a family members house. It’s also about giving advice and communicating with family and friends and not so much about presents. Well unless you’re a little kid, then we’re sure you would be able to start a argument about that line of thought. We travel the world on the net to look at new technologies and fancy new toys not only to entertain our own minds, but to pass on the information to our friends and colleagues. This is because it’s about sharing information and not about keeping everything you find a secret. If you have something that you want to share with the world, you would want it is to be passed on to people like us to share and keep the good old social media posts moving. That’s what we hope this Christmas. For Silver Swan Games supporters to share content  on our website and social media sites and the best part about it is that it’s free. You can still have that feeling that you have helped and spread some Christmas cheer. And you didn’t even have to put your hand in your pocket. It’s free and you have contributed something. Wow, that’s powerful and it starts from simply sharing this blog on your social media. Someone is out there that may need to smile this holiday season.

My favourite part of this job is making people laugh and smile with a simple video, funny post or a game that people can relate to. When a customer shares our photos and blogs it’s the same feeling like the one you get from putting up and decorating a newly purchased Christmas tree. You know it. Don’t tell me you haven’t felt excited with anticipation of what’s to come and the expectations of pleasure because you really don’t know what’s going to happen. You get that feeling that someone’s going to get pleasure and happiness from what you have done. I really appreciate the people that enjoy what we are trying to achieve from our games and videos of Gorillie along with our posts. To make someone’s day by putting a smile on their face, that’s the biggest Christmas gift we can give to people. And it’s all for free!

merry Christmas from silver swan games happy holidays

This is truly a community business. With the support of our customers and followers who help with liking, sharing and subscribing, they really are the heart beat and the gift that keeps on giving. Our staff are also like family. Everyone from our developers to our followers are one big family. As for the haters, well I’ve already said to much about them. More than they are worth. I am so lucky my team and supporters choose to come back year after year. Their help with comments for improving and general worthwhile feedback gives us something to work with to make your experience with Silver Swan even more enjoyable. Of course we cannot make everyone happy, but what we can do is give all our friends a voice. With multiple comments and services we try very hard to reply to as many people as we can. Sometimes the emails are just over whelming (and that’s not a bad thing). Some of our company workers come from all over the world and we take pride in that. We will always look for the right people to help us and it really doesn’t matter where you come from because we like to be able to reach everyone from all around the world.

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This is our first ever holiday season blog and we don’t want it to be our last. Take the time to read, share and comment. Leave a 5-star rating from within Google Play and iTunes on our games. Without you great followers and supporters, we would not be able to do what we love to do and that’s to make people smile.

Grab yourself a glass of eggnog, put your Santa stockings up on the fire place, stick on your favourite Christmas songs,  find yourself a quiet corner to retreat to, and reflect on the simple things in life that make you happy. I love Christmas for that reason. I love to be able to make people happy and forget their worries even if for only a little while. Thank you for all your support and do not hesitate to email or leave a comment below and tell us what are the things that make your Christmas the best.  Wishing everyone a safe, happy Merry Christmas joy to everyone .

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