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World famous lovable character – Gorillie

In his own mind Gorillie is a professional, self-acclaimed super star! He has been a hard worker all his life but a scrubber at his job. Sometimes he feels that his life is wasting away and that he is not living up to his full potential. Gorillie doesn’t seem to get much respect, and seems to always get himself into unwanted and crazy situations. When he was young he admired his Dad’s hard working attitude. His Dad worked as an exporter of exotic fruits from Cameroon, specializing in the banana trade, and Gorillie would go and watch him and all the other hard working people who were committed to their jobs. He decided to bring that work ethic to school to try and get acceptance from his school mates, only to have the class cruelly mock him. This tragic disaster caused Gorillie to consider himself a loser and a “nobody”. Since then, Gorillie dreams of becoming rich and famous and to be a respected “somebody”.

Arriving late for school one day, Gorillie finds himself in front of the class with the teacher looking down on him. The silence was deafening. Looking up at the clock above the chalkboard one of his friends yells out from the back of the class… “Afternoon shift has arrived!” The class erupts into laughter and smiling the teacher points to his seat and says “Ok class settle down. Gorillie go to your seat”. Gorillie realizes that his friend  had helped him and it was at that moment that comedy made an impression in his life. From that day forth he saved his money up, stopping by libraries and comic book stores to get updated with the latest jokes and funny sketches changing how he looked at the world.

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Gorillie’s parents where born in the southern jungles of Cameroon. He was separated from his parents when he was but a boy by an underworld organisation of bandits who were killing off gorillas for their teeth and hair.  Eventually he was found and adopted by a loving and caring family who hoped that one day Gorillie would grow up and be everything that he had dreamed he could be. Maybe he would choose to follow in his families footsteps and take over the exotic banana export business or if putting smiles on peoples faces would make him happier, they didn’t mind, whatever he choose to do was fine by them. But Gorillie was drawn to comedy, and his unwavering enthusiasm led him to believe that one day he may be chosen as the funniest small person ever! Though unaccepted and clumsy at first, Gorillie’s destiny is to make people smile and be happy. Someone that people can look up to as a hero to everyone, including himself. He stands up and identifies himself with the common people. As a loyal friend and fellow hairy buddy Gorillie challenges himself to try and make everyone smile.

Gorillie has games and a personal facebook page where people can join in on his adventures and follow him, like his antics, and share them with their friends and family. Gorillie made his first impression on people in 2006 at a country fair. He has been working away in different jobs and is waiting for his chance to be a super star in the eyes of the people, and he is doing this one person at a time. Everyone that meets Gorillie has fallen in love with this hairy, furry character who has for years been putting smiles on peoples faces. And he is just getting started!  Follow, like and share him with all your friends and spread the word. Be the first in your group to be able to say ” I know Gorillie!”



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