Won my Grand final Already

One of the most memorable moments of my youth was being able to experience the era of Arcade Gaming during my school years, talking  about games while the teacher was starting our English class. Back at home a group of us were huddled around the television with our game controllers. The games were very simple but in my mind they were massive, injecting me with excitement and enthusiasm. I don’t remember what I said, but my friend looked right at me right in the eye and said, “Wow, how awesome is this!” Boy how things have changed in the gaming world. But who doesn’t remember these little cracking games below that are now seen as obsolete in comparison to today’s gaming standards.

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 It was like a thunderclap in my heart. A strong, intelligent, mature, socially engaged game i had just said out loud in front of everyone, “I love gaming what are they going to think of next?.” I still remember the sound’s and how the pixel’s looked back then.  That was years ago! There are a thousand things I  remember about those days in the comfort of Home. But  late gaming afternoon’s  remains unforgettable. And all i thought was, “Gaming is here to stay.”

What is next ? we will again be surprised with the turning and continued evolution of computer/console gaming and i have to say i can not wait. The chief legacy in my life was one statement on an afternoon that i remembered  a long time ago . “I love gaming.” who can argue when we have game’s like this.

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Those days were Awesome and i can’t wait for the future of gaming to excite and intrigue me. Gaming legacy in my life i shall never forget .

In my Gaming life time i Have won my Grand final already and i’am kicking goals every time i Play in the grand final while i hold a controller and press the play button.

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