Star Wars The force Awakens fans rejoice for a brand new movie

Star Wars  The Force Awakens as every Geek around the world rejoices

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away,  growing up with the three Star Wars Sequels that where nothing but exciting, entertaining and so enjoyable then we had to wait a number of years later to watch the Phantom Menace (and lets face it nobody likes the prequels). It ended pretty good although with the sixth Star Wars movie in the sequence, Episode 3 – Revenge of the Sith which even I had to applaud. I liked it very much, it scratched my Star Wars itch, and let me tell you all that by this time the itch was getting unbearable. In my experience there is no such thing as luck, But my experience with Episode 1 The Phantom Menace was like nahhhh, Episode 2  Attack of the Clones yeah not to bad, and Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith ahhhhh… the itch is scratched! Sure, there’s the odd fan who grew up seeing “The Phantom Menace”  thinking that it had blown their mind  more due to some misplaced nostalgia where your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them. But on the whole, the prequels have been firmly a series of movies to keep the action packed evolution of Star Wars moving forward. Would we rather forget? No, lets not get over excited.

Can’t we all just get over the excitement and the hysteria of the up and coming Star Wars movie THE FORCE AWAKENS?  …….  Not a chance! The internet in the next couple of months is going to continue to raise eye brows and widen eyes as the hype for December’s action packed “The Force Awakens” becomes impossibly more real, and boy we cannot wait for it ……..  Ooh sorry I must be talking about myself (I don’t think so!). But as the new Star Wars trailer comes out in mainstream media still the top trending topic and hashtags on Twitter and Facebook don’t actually have anything to do with the movie itself, but the brand new toys and action figures in the new costumes promoting the film and the grand day of what was called ‘Force Friday’. And it wasn’t just all kids but adults too. I got myself one of those little funny looking droids. You know the ones where the body is spinning and propelling the droid forward while its head sits on top ……  Ok, ok I know what the droid is called, “BB-8”, I tried not to sound like a biasest fan but I just can’t help myself! Stare Wars is the centre of my universe, or should I say Galaxy.  LOL, I couldn’t help myself.

We can be sure that every little bit of memorabilia that gets put on the shelve in stores and every little pixel of movie trailer or promotion that people get to see will be drooled on, kissed and looked over by eager beady little eyes – young and old – and if you’re not interested you must be watching Neighbours or dare I say it The Bachelorette and preying that the ugly one finds love and not the good looking hot ones. Sorry seriously I am just saying what the Star Wars fans are thinking.. Ummm maybe not because they are all in Star Wars forums picking to pieces the storyline of the new movie from the little hints that Disney decides to “slip though the cracks”. We need bigger cracks. Now why would you want to be getting excited by going to a movie premiere of The Avengers or Ironmaaaaaaaaaaa.. Oooh sorry I just fell asleep………  The first three movies that were ever made and graced the big screens are epic master pieces and to the next three movies that just filled a gap in our Star Wars hearts. Its not my fault but there is only one thing more to say and that’s, please for gods sake Disney don’t let Jar Jar Binks have a comeo in the next series of films!

As you can tell by my blog, me like everyone else that has loved the Star Wars franchise, I am beside myself with anticipation just busting at the seems to see what the next film is going to bring. To the Star Wars die hard fans – excited much? – come on haters I find your lack of faith disturbing. With the new director JJ Abrams who has brought to the big screen the Star Trek movies as well as a few of epic Mission Impossible movies (which have been blockbusters), teaming up with Disney, I think as fans you can be rest assured that this new movie is going to be incredibly epic and live up to all expectation so once you have had your fill with the movie jump on my site and comment about your experience and whether it lived up to your expectations.  Do or do not. There is no try.

I know – I know there are many great scenes but if I was to pick one this is my favourite Star Wars movie scene and mind tricks don’t work on me. Please comment below on what is your favourite Star Wars scene from all the movies.


My Favourite Character  :
yoda the force awakens logo for star wars promotion


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Go on tell me about your experience and expectations for the future of Star Wars. How much are you looking forward to seeing The Force Awakens and how much of a Star Wars fan you are? The biggest in the world maybe? Start the conversation below.

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