Kids Health & Well being – App Games and learning

There are many opinions about apps and their affects on the health of children but this article is very interesting.

       “If you’re looking for apps to improve ADHD in your child, there are many that can help kids with planning, organisation, and mindfulness. But there is an important caveat when explaining their effectiveness: these apps are only as useful if the user fully engages with them, and learns how to  effectively put them to use. In the same way that many ADHD kids are given planners and schedules in the classroom and may choose not to use them, an app that might help them with scheduling, remembering homework and school projects, and keeping themselves organised can only help if users engage with it.”

The key aspects here is the Engaging of the Educational Apps you need to be able to keep your child enthusiastic and drawn to the app.

“However, there are hundreds of available apps, some of them more appropriately described as games, that hold some promise for improving sustained attention, memory, and time management. While there is virtually no research specific to these games and apps that proves that they reduce or help with symptoms of ADHD in the children and teenagers who use them, there is a clear rationale for using them, as they encourage building the thinking skills that are often challenged in children with ADHD.

Our planning for games here at Silver Swan Games is based around keeping the customer happy, entertained and engaged. With a wide range of different types and styles available there is a game to be found for the whole family with classic style action, card or puzzle arcade games.

Our recommended game for helping with adult and kids health memory is Silver Swans Memory Game.

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