Game Quotes inspirational speeches that changed your gaming experiences

Gaming Quotes with one hell of a Inspirational speech

Quotes over the year have taken a ordinary Movie, game or sitcom To another level of enjoyment. When have you heated up some popcorn melted a bit of butter over the top filled up your glass with your favorite soda pop sat down to watch a movie that your seen a million times and in the back of your mind the movie is getting closer to the quote moment and your getting ready to spill out a famous Quote from a loved character.  For example –

  1.      Arnold Schwarzenegger character in Predator (Dutch) is laying on the ground in pain and yells out – (Runnnnn  Gooooo ,  Get to the chopper) 
  2.      Tom Hanks character in Forrest Gump sitting down on the Park bench waiting for a bus and he Says – Hello, My names forrest – forrest Gump you want a chocolate i could eat about a million and a half of these my mama always said life was like a box of chocolates you never know what your going to get. 
  3.      Mike Myers playing the lovable cartoon character Shrek – ( Ogres are like Onions )   oooh good time love Shrek and his offsider Donkey.

I think you get the picture i could go on and on and on ………….  There are really so many but that was just a little appetizer if you would like to write a blog on Movie Quotes leave me a message below.

A few weeks ago, we conducted a Facebook poll asking you all to tell us which Gaming quotes keep you loving and coming back to buy the sequels of well made and famous games believing in a game and loving the content is important to catch and keep the player engaged. Like the lovable little munchkins you are, you left us a whole pile of fantastic and interesting replies that had us laughing, crying and some wondering what the hell you all had for breakfast as we remembered some truly classical gaming moments. Now that the people have spoken, it’s your turn to relive the mayhem. Behold, Time for your favorite gaming quotes and i might add some of the best quotes in the gaming world of all time. EVER !!

Your Top Ten Gaming Quotes

  1.  Metal Gear solid – Snake ? snake ? Snaaaaaaaaaaaake !!!
  2. Mario – Hello it’s me Mario
  3. Mortal Kombat – Finish Him
  4. Duke Nukem – Hail to the king Baby !
  5. Bio Shock – A man chooses, A slave obeys
  6. Far cry 3 – Did i ever tell you the definition of insanity
  7. NBA Jam – Boomshakalaka
  8. Fallout – War, war never changes
  9. Luigi – Mariooooooo  !
  10. Halo – Killtacular


       Did you like the final list ? Do you remember all these Gaming quotes ?  If you like to start a conversation please message below or comment of the Favorite quotes that you have come across over your gaming journey and add your best of all time quotation. We now will leave you all with one of the gaming worlds most inspirational speeches from Gears of war 2 . Gaming movie/Speech content is changing our gaming experience for the better.

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