Brain stimulation Games For Your Mind To make You Smarter

Challenge yourself  Regularly with Brain stimulation and mental exercises with new activities, keep your mind moving. Running on all eight cylinders will keep you alive and moving in to tomorrow with enthusiasm.

“Adults who frequently engage in mentally stimulating activities are 63% less likely to develop dementia than those who rarely do such activities, a New England Journal of Medicine study discovered. A University of Michigan study found that adults who play a mentally challenging game every day for several weeks can dramatically improve their memory.”
Playing good stimulating games and activities designed to do just that. It’s great for kids learning and it’s just as important for adult’s.
So what are you doing  8-)  ??? try a couple of the games we have made for you to try. Eating great brain stimulating Foods like these 10 brain boosting foods and exercising can boost your brain power by up to 78%!

                          Good Food – Good Life – Good Games – Good Times

Mind / Brain stimulation activities


1. Do You Get the picture

visual attention is needed with this test. please focus and  Study this picture for 1 minute. turn away and write down as many of the items in the photo that you have remember. Try a second time, but This time relax, take a big deep breath and actively focus on the picture. How Did you go this time ?? do any better ?? 

search and find items from within this picture for silver swan blog page

2. Name your colors

Focus on the challenge: Very Quickly read out loud the color that each word is printed in but not the word itself. Try and do this repeatedly to see if you can improve.

say the word and not the color game give it a try i bet you can not do it

3. In just 7 words

Are you creative ? verbal challenge. Write a short story about a couple of sentences —and then with only nine words to tell your story again . (Bonus: If your a Twitter Fan this should be easy for you and it’ll help your  Facebook storytelling skills as well ).

4. What’s Missing in The other Picture

have a look at both pictures and find the missing items

5. Count backward

Here’s a Exhausting brain workout that will help keep your mind on track. Subtraction exercises Made simple ? We will see:

  • Beginning at 200- count backward- subtracting 2 as you go (200, 198, 196…).
  • Beginning at 150- count backward- subtracting 5 as you go (150, 145, 140…).
  • Beginning at 100- count backward- subtracting 7 as you go (93, 86, 79…).



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